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Air Conditioning Brands That We Carry


Why buy from an authorized dealer?

Sometimes a good deal isn't as great as it sounds. Purchasing from a non-authorized dealer voids your warranty as well as entitlement to receive service from any authorized dealer.

At Blue Star Air Conditioning, we strive to give you the BEST prices, value for your money and great service. We guarantee your satisfaction.

+ Wall Mounted Split Systems

Stylish, slim and elegant, Wall Mounted split systens are designed for single rooms. They complement any interior décor and have many features and benefits. This is the most common system for home

Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate in comfort. Ducted models typically offer quiet, efficient operation, are easy to maintain, and operated via a wall mounted LCD control that controls all functions of the system. A ducted air conditioning system is capable of cooling 4 or more rooms.

+ Ducted Systems

+ Floor Console / Under-ceiling Systems

Floor-standing split system air conditioners are compact and ideal for those wanting to position their unit at ground level. With slim and lightweight design, these models are ideal either for ceiling or floor installation without modification at the same time provides a more natural and comfortable airflow throughout the area. Extreme quiet and energy efficient, they are ideal for residential or commercial situations.

Rooms with Air Conditioning Floor-Console / Under-ceiling system Room with Air Conditioning Under-ceiling system


Office with Air Conditioning Cassette system Office with Air Conditioning Cassette system

Whether you're looking for extra flexibility in layout planning or smooth installation, power cassette air conditioning system is the perfect choice for today's diversified commercial applications. The three most important characteristics of an air conditioner - flexible layout planning, efficient yet powerful performance, and installation/maintenance ease - have been refined to make cassette system ideal for use in retail outlets, restaurants, business offices, etc. The height and width ratios of the air outlets are optimised to provide a smoother flow of air that encounters less resistance. The cassette system is extremely discreet, with only the grill showing in the ceiling distributes the conditioned air evenly throughout the room.

+ Cassette Systems

+ Wall Mounted Split Systems

School with Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Split system School with Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Split system

Space demands on modern buildings make it necessary for some to install modular and special-purpose offices within existing spaces. Split air conditioning systems are perfect for these uses. The condensor can be placed outside the office, and connection pipes and wiring can be run into the room. Inside wall or ceiling units can distribute the cooled air with precision and more cost effectively.

Since no ductwork or air distribution system is needed with a split air conditioning system, there are few places where these systems cannot be installed. Split air conditioning systems have been installed all over the world - in small and large offices, shops, motels and hotels, schools and universities, telephone equipment rooms, computer rooms, churches, hospitals and laboratories.

Besides are examples of our installation works at office places.

School with Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Split system

+ VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Systems Systems

VRF technology using electronically commutated motors, inverter-driven scroll compressors, multiple compressors, versatile configurations, and complex refrigerant and oil circuitry, returns, and controls, can permit as many as 128 indoor units to operate off one outdoor unit!

Variable refrigerant flow benefits from the advantages of direct expansion linked to inverter control and the most sophisticated electronic control. This technology has many advantages, from the system design to the installation and operation phase.

The wide range of indoor units makes VRF the most flexible choice to satisfy any building requirement. 3-pipe VRF systems even allow the simultaneous cooling and heating operations in different rooms.

Besides are examples of our installation works at office places.

Commercial Air Conditioning VRF system Commercial Air Conditioning system

+ Get the right sized air conditioner for your home or workplace

Nothing is impossible! At Blue Star Air Conditioning we carry a wide range of air conditioning systems that offer flexible designs that can be installed in some of the most innovative and unusual structures. We are always up to the challenge of making it work and work efficiently!

So what should you look for when purchasing an air conditioning unit for your home or workplace?

Here are some of our tips for you:

There are many types of air conditioning to choose for your home or office such as split air conditioning system, cucted air conditioning system, Floor Standing air conditioning system, Cassette air conditioning system, VRF (Variable Refrigeration Flow) air conditioning system, multi air conditioning system, etc. Each of these systems are designed for special purpose suitable for individual need. Further more, the capacity of each system is also an important factor since it can impact your electricity bill (if you choose an over capacity unit for your room) or uncomfortable feeling (if you choose an under capacity unit for your room). It is important to seek advice from an air conditioning specialist to determine your space heating and cooling requirements. We will devote our time and effort to ensure that you select the right air conditioning unit for your needs. Too small and the unit will not live up to your expectations, too big and it will be expensive to run. We will help you choose the correct unit for your home or business. We are official agents for all famous brands of air conditioning systems such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Air Conditioning Cassette Air Conditioning Split System Air Conditioning Multi System Air Conditioning Ducted Indoor Unit Air Conditioning Outdoor Unit

+ Qualified and Professional installation

As an air conditioning specialist, we offer you a one-stop-shop. We offer the lowest prices possible covering both the cost of the air conditioning unit as well as installation. We will make sure the air conditioning unit you choose is professionally installed so it works quietly and efficiently. We will also ensure that your home is left neat and tidy after the installation process and take the time to show you how your system functions. By choosing Blue Star Air Conditioning you will enjoy the peace of mind from our 5 years warranty on the air conditioning system as well as our workmanship. There is no need to run around between installer and supplier.

+ Energy Efficiency

At BSA we recognize that the up front cost of your unit is only part of the cost of your air conditioning needs. The energy consumed by the unit over its life will far outweigh the up front cost. We care about the environment and your wallet and are proud to carry the leading brands with the mots advanced efficient and innovative technology on the market. These units when correctly scaled to meet your needs will provide you with the most energy efficient heating and cooling possible. All the products we stock are compliant with EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) & State Government regulations.

+ Servicing

BSA is also an authorized service agent for air conditioning units that we sell. When you purchase from us there is no need to call the manufacturer and chase someone for a service. Blue Star Air Conditioning can do it all! We stand behind all of our products and provide full coverage/service for your air conditioning unit.

+ Value for Money

Well known for the most competitive prices, a successful supply chain management and low overheads gives BSA the competitive advantage over our competitors. We then pass this value on to you, our customers, for lower prices and higher quality installation jobs.

All of the high quality air conditioning systems that we sell come with high quality fittings. We know that our customers are looking for value for money and wish to invest in a product that will stand the test of time and not cost you more money in the long run. Our flexible duct fittings that we use are backed by an exclusive 10 year warranty. There are too many suppliers in the market utilising inferior machines or materials at your expense. At BSA, we select only high quality local suppliers for our services. We do not believe in cutting corners in order to offer "great" deals - beware of no-name machines or a lack of warranty on installation or you may not be getting the great deal you think you are.

Room with Air Conditioning Cassette system Room with Air Conditioning Cassette system Residential Air Conditioning Services Commercial Air Conditioning Services Blue Star Air Conditioning Services and Maintenance

Blue Star - Your #1 choice for heating & cooling solutions by Fujitsu, Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Electric

Room with Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Split System Room with Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioning Ducted system

Customers can visit our showroom where we have all of our different systems and fittings on display. In the BSA showroom customers can see and experience the real systems they will be supplied with before making their buying decision.

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